Thursday, June 23, 2011

Under attack by Commie Nazis

With the news that the world's number two hunter of Commie Nazis is soon to be visiting Australia, I thought it was time to have a look at one of our homegrown McBain fans, New South Wales, Member of the Legislative Council (upper house of state parliament) and Liberal Party whip The Hon. Dr. Peter Phelps. Phelps was elected to the Upper House in May 2011 and didn't take long to start warning us of the dangers of Commie Nazis (and more recently here and here) as well as hunting Commie Nazis Phelps is also letting people know of the dangers posed by dragons:

I think government could well fund in the future a $10 million draconian research institute, whereby peer-approved papers could be produced which would demonstrate that dragons are responsible for global warming. That could then lead to a United Nations independent committee on dragon activities, where no doubt levies would be expected—

I note the dragon denialist sitting in the corner. I think we can say goodbye to every vote from every dungeons and dragons player. Dragon denialism is a blight on this Parliament. Dr John Kaye should listen to the scientific evidence. I refer him specifically to the Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's handbook, third edition, which states unequivocally that dragons do exist, in a wide range of colours. Perhaps dragons should be investigated even more deeply with regard to their role in climate change, because it has the same sort of scientific relevance as carbon dioxide.

And while there is controversy over the role of dragons in climate change, we can rest assured:

"there are no dragons involved in the industrial relations situation of NSW".

Which leads me to wonder just what award dragons are covered by? Dragons may be in trouble but other fire breathers can breathe easy:

If you want to be a pot smoking Mullumbimby hippie, fine—

And if you were interested in just what qualifies Phelps as the Commie Nazi Dragon Dunter he is, well here some highlights of his biography:

Publications - Americans are from Pluto, I.P.A Review, 2006; Of Bridges and Blue-eyed Babies, Quadrant, 2000; Anxious Nation - Review, International History Review, 2000; Amnesty Infomercial, I.P.A. Review, 1999; Keen as Mustard - Review, International History Review, 1999.

Qualifications, Occupations and Interests - Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Sydney University, 1990. Doctor of Philosophy, Sydney University, 1997.
Advisor, Hon. Bronwyn Bishop MP, October 2010-January 2011. Advisor, Sen. Michael Ronaldson, February 2009-October 2010. Chief of staff, Hon. Gary Nairn MP, January 2006-November 2007. Chief of staff, Sen. the Hon. Eric Abetz, January 2001-January 2006. Chief of staff, Sen. the Hon. Chris Ellison, May 2000-January 2001. Advisor, Sen. the Hon. Chris Ellison, August 1999-May 2000. Assistant Advisor, Hon. John Moore MP, October 1998-August 1999. Assistant Advisor, Hon. Ian McLachlan, February 1998-October 1998.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Introducing The Mad Katters Tea Party.

I couldn't resist it, North Queensland independent MP Bob Katter has today announced the formation of a new political party, and after what obviously must have been a long and arduous process has decided to call it "Katter's Australian Party" (coz naming a political party after yourself worked really well for "Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party") and has decided to follow a populist agenda:

MAKING A STAND: Katter's key policies

Stop the stranglehold of Coles and Woolworths on groceries

Cut individual chains' market share to 22.5 per cent each instead of current 80 per cent total share.

This would ensure greater competition and push down prices.

Supermarket fairness tribunal to prevent misuse of market share.

No privatisation

Prevent any further sell-offs of assets but also implement strategies to reverse some past and current assets.

No carbon tax

Stop the measure and focus on renewable energies such as ethanol.

Stop free trade

Protect Australian industries and jobs to revitalise industries such as agriculture and manufacturing.

New laws to make Parliament approve treaties, not just the Government.

All Government spending should be on Australian goods where practicable. eg cars

Rural Australia does need better representation, unfortunately this isn't it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

NSW Shooters and Fishers Party, a few squirrels short in the top paddock.

Recently heard in parliament from Robert Brown, MLC for the Shooters and Fishers Party:

For The Greens to rabbit on about the protection of native species but not allow conservation hunters into national parks to kill foxes and, more particularly, cats that climb old-growth trees and eat all the birds and squirrels is plain hypocrisy.

He's wanting to protect squirrels from predation by cats?

But wait there's more, when challenged on it he then continued:

Yes, grey squirrels. There are feral squirrels everywhere. We will add them to the game and feral animal bill list.

Feral squirrels everywhere? Not in this country there's not, and given that the proposed Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill would allow the setting up of private game parks, does this mean he wants to add them to the list of animals these parks can release?