Friday, December 12, 2008

Damn It! News from the front...

Opponents of the politically motivated, expensive and unnecessary Tillegra Dam project held a protest yesterday in Newcastle, a little more notice on the press release would have been good as it only dropped into my email after the advertised protest time.

Anyway information on the well justified objections here.

From: The Herald
Protest rally damns dam project
13/12/2008 4:00:00 AM
OPPONENTS of the proposed Tillegra Dam rallied at yesterday's Independent Pricing Review Tribunal hearing and called for an independent review of the project.
Groups such as the Greens, the No Tillegra Dam Group and the Total Environment Centre were represented.
"That people's livelihoods and families can be torn asunder for no just reason, that a pristine river system, a fertile agricultural valley, a family member's final resting place and a diverse and unique environment could be sacrificed at the whim of a politician is undeserved and unbelievable," Williams River resident Carol Pasenow said.
No Tillegra Dam Group spokeswoman Sally Corbett described the Tillegra proposal as a "selective tax".
Greens MP John Kaye told the rally at Newcastle City Hall there was every chance the project could be called off.

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