Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Go on, Do it!

Federal Families Minister Jenny Macklin says she could live on the dole or about $35 a day. Yeah, right, it is possible but I think a few weeks of noodles would change Macklin's attitude. I've been on the dole a few times and it is an utterly soul destroying existence. Last time I was on it (2006) I got $520 a fortnight complete with rental assistance, $320 would go on rent, gas, electricity, phone, internet another $80 or so, vehicle rego, servicing, fuel etc another $60, leaving about $60 for food for the fortnight. I was getting three days a week casual work in, which after losing dole payments for earning money gave me, maybe, another $40 a week. If it weren't for the vegie garden things would have been dire. The first couple of weeks back at work I could barely afford the fuel to get there and it was jam sandwiches for lunch. So, I can honestly say "Fuck you, Macklin".

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