Tuesday, November 27, 2012

But wait, there's more.....

Remember yesterdays post? Here's a little more on the same subject.....

The man charged with consulting stakeholders about the new Local Land Services model says he knows nothing about a draft organisational structure that has already been circulated to DPI and CMA staff.

Mick Keogh has been commissioned by the State Government to assess what changes stakeholders would like to see when their local CMA, DPI and LHPA amalgamate to become Local Land Services.
"Commissioned"? How can he be commissioned and on the reference panel? Surely there's a conflict of interest here? I wonder if Katrina Hodgkinson's comments still apply, after all this is what she said about funds going to CMA staff and board members.

''This is a questionable outcome,'' she said. ''The appropriate management of public funding is a public interest priority and an absolute for good government.''
And the consultation doesn't seem to be going all that well.

Less than 20 farmers have turned out in Tamworth to discuss the amalgamation of a number of organisations into the state government's new Local Land Services (LLS) organisation......  
Liverpool Plains farmer, Hugh Price, says, despite claims to the contrary, the meetings weren't adequately advertised. "I received an electronic invitation from the Namoi CMA, and I was quite pleased to receive it, because I thought somebody was recognising that I could have a contribution to make," he said. "But it would appear, from what we've been told, the publication of the meeting wasn't well advertised and, sadly, it's not been well attended and I think that's something the organisers need to review." Mr Price says he was also disappointed in with the content of the workshops and what he claims was a lack of information offered on the future structure of Local Land Services. "I think the facilitator himself used the term 'to put the flesh on the bones'," he said. "Well, we haven't actually been told about the bones, but the skeleton's already been designed
My little whiskers tell me there'll be much much more to come out of this before it's over.

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