Sunday, November 25, 2012

More on the Local Land Services plans

Last week the State Government released a draft map showing proposed boundaries of the new LLS areas, one look shows that it's based on Local Government Areas rather than catchment boundaries which both State and Federal Governments have been using for years and which people actually have got a good idea of. The curious among you may wonder how the proposed boundaries line up with the current ones, well wonder no more, over the past couple of days this little map has been bouncing around the state (and luckily for us found it's way into my inbox).

Blue lines current CMA boundaries, orange lines current LHPA boundaries.

In short it doesn't fit either the current Catchment Management Authority or Livestock Health and Pest Authority boundaries at all, what it will mean is that the new Catchment Action Plans, the drafts of which have just been released will, in many areas, be either completely useless or need drastic overhauls. From where I sit the whole thing looks like a shambles, and you should hear what they have planned for the staff....

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